“Nailar coffee” People of Padriew would think to ancient coffee originated of “Grandfather Lar or Mr. Lar“ he rowboats sell coffee along the canal by the year 1934.  Before open coffee shop at the Kuakun market the people has been know on behalf of the Nailer coffee. Early customers are people in the neighborhood. With a strong aroma taste, so it has developed a machine to roast the coffee itself to produce ancient coffee powder.

First time Nailar coffee is Individual business distribute ancient coffee for longer 60-70 years. Then  founded to Daracha Ltd., Part by the year 1993 for produces and distribute antique coffee powder, tea powder and tea drinks / Instant coffee by “Nailar coffee” brand. The our factory and office at Amphoe Mueang, Province Chachoengsao by Miss Kingjan Sonwaniyarak is Manager/Director.

Addition, Nailar coffee have developed the roasted coffee house according to the standard of quality production. And have the FDA, GMP and CODEX HACCP standards. This is a global standard of trust international.