Over 60 years ago, “Nailar coffee” has its origins since his grandfather, who has been known as the famous villager. There are regular customers nearby. And with the intense flavor of the development of coffee powder itself. By initiating the development of folk machinery to help in the production of “Nailar coffee” is known. And with more and more customers. Until today, it is time for generations to strive to develop their grandparents heritage by expanding into the CODEX HACCP: 2003 plant and new technology machinery to keep the “Nailar coffee” stay on.

Nailar Roasted Coffee Factory We produce modern antique coffee.
Preserve the unique taste and aroma.

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We selected the good quality coffee beans.
Attention to every detail in the roasting process.
From the locals machinery to the modern factory.
Keep the "Nailar coffee” stay on.